I went to whole foods the other night because i needed to get some protein powder, so i thought okay i will just go in, go out and then will go to winco to get the rest of my groceries. Well it didn't happen that way. I walked in and was just in heaven (i forgot how much i loved that place!) I don't know why i love Whole Foods so much, it could be because it reminds me of my Dad and going to Zupans for lunch, it could be because it makes me so thankful to God for creating such incredible foods, it could be that it just smells delicious, it could be that i am just obsessed with good food, or it could be that i just love grocery stores (i think i got that one from my dad too!) whatever the reason i love it. I didn't have a ton of time to go up and down every aisle to look at how beautiful and red the tomatoes were or how many types of honey you could buy or to be able to smell all of the different cheeses and think of how each of them would taste, but i was able to get some good oranges, and spinach, chia seeds, flax seeds, granola, strawberries, pizza dough, goat cheese, feta, protein powder (which i almost forgot!) i think that was it...but all in all i loved it. I wished that i had more time to just look at everything and think of all of the delicious things that i could make with all of the ingredients, but i got to make pizza which was amazing!

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  1. Anna, I love how much joy you receive, and how you can see the true beauty, in even the smallest things. God created beauty in all things and when we notice it brings us that much closer to him. It is a lesson that I try to remind myself of, yet fail too often. Thank you for all of your inspiration!