I don't know of many things more beautiful than a nice warm nice fitting soft shell...well today one came in the mail, two layers a liner and the outer. it fits perfectly and it's warm. i have been riding a lot lately and it is COLD outside. the last ride i went on i literally thought i was going to freeze to death on the side of the road...okay that may be a little dramatic, but really FREEZING! We had ridden for about 3 hours and in the middle it was decently warm (causing one to sweat) and then it cooled down and the sweat just turned wet and cold, i had ridden too long i for my body to have enough energy to warm me and to keep going and the faster i rode the colder the wind chill, so it was hopeless, but now, now i am ready to face the elements and ride again! I'M SO EXCITED! LONG RIDE TOMORROW! :)

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