yes, i am still here. once again the holidays got the best of me and i just didn't make time to share all of the joy and fun we were having with the rest of the world...sorry! i am sure you were having your own. but our holidays were great, i will write more about that soon, but tonight i am just going to post a few recipes. [the man] and i have decided to start eating "cleaner" and healthier in 2014, so i am trying a lot of new recipes and trying to break out of my normal day to day. it has been really fun and i have tried a few new things that have actually been really really good. it is really nice too, because [the man] is so excited about it. it is our new adventure. (stay tuned for grain grinding, more bread making and possibly yogurt making in the future). and you will probably see a lot more vegetables than before as well. so far i feel really good and it has been fun to try new things and to actually follow a recipe (I HAVE NOT DONE THAT IN...WELL A REALLY REALLY LONG TIME!) i change them up a bit, but actually using one is a new and actually nice change...plus if it tastes bad you can blame it on the person that wrote the recipe. just kidding...well kind of. anyway, enjoy!

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