Whenever i am reading a recipe and it calls for yeast i just cringe. Not because i don't like yeast, but because i know there is a chance that whatever i am making can be a HUGE disaster. Instead of being soft and light and fluffy and delicious, it could end up being, flat and hard and just plain UGH.

Last week this happened to me, i thought to myself. i am going to be a "domestic goddess" today, i will clean the house, and make delicious lentils with homemade bread....well the house was dirty again by dinner time, the lentils were great, but the bread did not rise....so we had french bread biscotti, with our lentils in a dirty house instead.

nothing worse than the sight of awful looking bread...bummer!

i even did step by step pictures for this recipe! which any of you out there that do food blogging will know, instructional pictures are super annoying to do (the sacrifices we make for our readers)! just kidding...well kind of, but i ended up with all of these step by step pictures and a horrible ending. you live, you learn... right?

i told myself this mishap couldnt' get me down, i had to face the beast again and try it again. There are not many things i love more than homemade bread, so i asked for assistance and my sister gave me this great easy, amazing, french bread recipe. it was simple, it didn't have to rise ALL day or anything like that, and when i pulled the towel off it looked like this!


now if i can just not burn it and get in into nice loaves it will be perfect!

rolled out, made loaves, placed in oven and dun dun nana...


we enjoyed this with pasta, it was delicious. i wouldn't say the recipe is really fail proof, but it is easy and if you follow the directions you really shouldn't have any problems, but follow them step by step.

i thought i would share these on here as well. [the little one] got into the gluten. no gluten allergies in this house! we use this to make yummy whole wheat bread. i'll see if i can share that recipe, i have to ask permission.

we like bread in our house and we really like this recipe.




2 ½ C very warm water
2 T sugar
2 T years  (or one packet)
Mix together and let it work (It will raise and come up higher in the bowl – approx. 5 minutes)
Add 1 T salt
Add 3 Cups white flour
Stir well with a spoon.

Add 3 C more flour and knead well for 2 or 3 min.  If it is too sticky on the counter, add more flour, not too much.

Poke holes in the dough with a wooden spoon. Pour in 2 T oil into the holes.

Knead 4-5 min.

Cover with cloth and let rise 1 hour.

Roll out half of the dough into a rectangle on the floured surface. 

Roll up like cinnamon rolls.

Put on a greased cookie sheet.

Diagonally slice the dough loaf every 2 inches.

Brush on a mixture of 1 eaten egg white plus 2 T water.

Let rise for ½ hour. 

Bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes


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