So i know i write about food more than anything else, but i have to say these are soooo delicious. Something very important about me...okay important is the wrong word, but something that i really love are BURGERS! i just love them, i feel like they are one of the best foods because you can have bread, meat, cheese, veggies...all in one bite! I love their textures, how many different variations there are, the combination of the flavors...really just everything.

So that brings us to these little beauties, yeah i know there is only one and a half...i couldn't wait to take the pictures :) these are the answer to the cravings that i get for the high calorie greasy in and out and carls jr. burgers i love so much. They are made with lean ground turkey, simply seasoned with salt and pepper, sharp cheddar cheese, sweet onions, dill pickles, spinach, thousand island dressing, all on a toasted potato roll. YUM!!!

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